What if I want to send my ZNAPS to multiple locations?

Sorry! We can only accept one mailing address per backer.

The free adapter is not included in my Discount Code and I definitely emailed you before the deadline. What should I do now?

If you have any issues regarding free adapter credits, we kindly advise you NOT to use the discount code yet and FORWARD your original "I Have Shared" email to cs@znaps.net We will get back to you asap with a new code please give us time to process these emails.

I placed more than one order on the Znaps Shopify Site I want to cancel them, what do i do?

Email us at cs@znaps.net With our reply, you can fill in the google form. For those who has more than one order, You can submit more than once and we will cancel and reset everything for you.

Oh no! I forgot to: Apply my Discount Code / Use the $3 extra credit / made wrong reward choices ! What should I do?

Don’t worry, you won’t lose your rewards! We will do a final check and reset your Discount Codes for you to have one more chance to manage your pledges before October. Please sit back and relax as we prepare to sort it out.

I have sent email to you and filled in the google form, where is my response?

Please give us time to process your request. You won’t lose your rewards we will fix it for you even after the set deadline. Thank you.

My discount code does not seem to work. What should I do?

First please check if the correct code is copied, ie. no extra spaces are included. You can also try refreshing your browser and computer. If all else fails, please email cs@znaps.net with the SUBJECT LINE “Discount Code Error”

How do I change my shipping address?

Send us your new address with email SUBJECT LINE "Change of Address" to cs@znaps.net. We will update your shipping address on your Shopify Account, Change of address require at least 48hrs. Please limit the change to ONE TIME ONLY to avoid extra process time.

I still haven't gotten my survey. What do I do?

Don't panic. Do the following in order: Check Spam Search your email with the following words "Pledge Manager" “Znaps" If using Gmail, check under the "Promotions" label/tab. If still can't locate the survey please Contact us at cs@znaps.net

How long do I have to answer the survey?

You have until Thursday Oct 1,2015 to fill out the survey so we know where to send your ZNAPS.

Can I get my ZNAPS early? I’m willing to pay.

We're sorry! November is the earliest we can ensure delivery from our manufacturer. We thank you for your patience.

My window closed during my transaction, will my coupon code still work?

Don't worry! The code will work until the transaction is successfully processed.

I might be moving late October/early November. Which address should i give you?

If you are unsure of your address at around the time ZNAPS is shipped, please provide an address where it will be easy for you to make a pickup.

Why don't I have a tracking number for my order?

We cant' give you a tracking number yet because we haven't shipped.

What company will you use to deliver my order? FedEx, USPS, Royal Mail, etc.

Great question, we are still in negotiations. It will be different for each country. We will update everyone once we have more information.

Can I order more Znaps for my family and friends?

You sure can! ;D Just know that we can only ship to one mailing address per backer. Additional shipping may apply.